Welcome to the 2017 School Year!

Dear parents,

Thank you for your support for Tzu Chi Academy Perth, I am very pleased to see the familiar and new faces in the first two weeks. This is my first year as school principal and I am grateful with the encouragement I have received from everyone, I am willing to do my best to ensure the best quality of learning. I would also like to thank my school teachers and admin team members that have helped make our first two weeks run so smoothly.

Here are few things that would I like to draw to your attention:

  1. Please utilize our staff room during class time, do not chat outside classrooms.
  2. Do not bring valuable items to class, any items lost or damaged will cause unnecessary pain. This is not what we aim for.
  3. One of our year 2 students has lost his Pokémon collection cards ( see attachment) , if anyone has accidentally taken them or knows where they are, please return to your teacher .

Finally , thank you for all your attention, if you wish to contact me please email.




  • 請家長們多利用我們的辦公室,孩子們上課時間請勿在走道上談話以免干擾到孩子上課。
  • 請孩子們不要將貴重物品或玩具帶到學校來上課,如果物品遺失或破損了都會造成不必要的困擾。
  • 我們有位二年級有學生遺失了他的Pokémon 收集卡,如有同學不小心拿走了請主動交回給自己班級的老師。也謝謝家長們的協助。


澳洲柏斯慈濟人文學校校長 李慈曉 Remy Lee 感恩祝福