Welcome to the 2018 School Year!

Welcome to Tzu Chi Academy Australia Perth

Our 2018 Academy year has a great start on 3 February, welcome you all. Tzu Chi Academy Australia Perth established since 2001, we are now celebrating our 18th year, and I am very honored to share all the wonderful things my education team delivers throughout those years. Tzu Chi education mission has a great goal to plant the seeds of love teaching young generations to offer love generously. Gratitude, respect and love are our spirit, Jin Si Yu teaching program not only teaching the language and culture but also develop the righteous greater heart for others.

Tzu Chi is a big family we have great support from our members and I sincerely welcome all families joined in 2018 Academy year, a wishful year ahead of us.


澳洲柏斯慈濟人文學校校長 李慈曉 Remy Lee 感恩祝福