Still Thoughts

“Jing Si Aphorisms” or “Still Thoughts” by Master Cheng Yen is a collection of her thoughts on Buddhist’s teachings and life lessons. Below are a few examples…

Be a beautiful little angel.

Be a role model

Count me in when doing good deeds. Count me out when doing bad deeds.
做好事不能少我一人, 做壞事不能多我一人。

Don’t underestimate yourself, for human beings have unlimited potential.
不要小看自己, 人有無限可能。

It is better to speak less, and best to speak kindly.
話多不如話少, 話少不如話好。

Save up money on snacks and you can help the poor.
省下零用錢, 可救貧窮人。

Smile. If we want others to smile at us, we need to smile first.
時時面帶笑容, 要別人笑, 自己要先笑。

Speak kind words, think good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk the right path.
口說好話, 心想好意, 手做好事, 腳走好路。

To the eyes of one whose heart is golden, everything and everyone looks nice and pleasant.

The most beautiful thing in the sky are the stars.
The most beautiful thing on Earth is love and care.

When we talk our voice should be soft and gentle.